Vision Statement

The Safe Office’s vision is to empower our community through advocacy and survivor support, working towards a culture of care and respect.

Mission Statement

The Safe Office provides confidential support for those who have or are experiencing interpersonal violence (including, but not limited to, dating/relationship violence, sexual harassment, sexual assault, and stalking). We support survivor-led journeys through crisis response, advocacy, and counseling to validate all experiences and empower choices. Our office partners with campus and community resources to provide violence prevention initiatives and intervention education.

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  • Mobile BlueLight: send your location to and call WFU PD simultaneously.
  • Friend Walk: sends your location in real-time to a friend so they can watch you as you walk to your destination!
  • Social Escape: allows you to get out of a tough social situation by calling you and giving you an excuse to leave.
  • We Are Wake: a comprehensive call to care for the mental health of all students. 
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