We are the Safe Office

Wake Forest University encourages students who need advocacy and/or support for concerns related to interpersonal violence to Start with Safe.

The Safe Office provides confidential 24/7 crisis response, advocacy, accompaniment, and ongoing support services to undergraduate and graduate Reynolda Campus students for concerns related to interpersonal violence.  We also provide confidential consultations for concerned students, parents, faculty, and staff to help empower people to feel confident in their next steps towards lives free of interpersonal violence. 

The Safe Office is committed to providing equitable quality care to Reynolda Campus students of all identities. We believe all survivors and acknowledge the disproportionate impacts of sexual and relationship violence on marginalized communities, including but not limited to: survivors of color, LGBTQIA+ identifying survivors, trans and nonbinary survivors, all survivors who identify as women, survivors who do not have documented citizenship, survivors who have physical and mental disabilities, and survivors who have history with the criminal justice system.

The Safe Office works closely with the Office of Wellbeing and the Interpersonal Violence Prevention Coalition to support education and prevention work for the Wake Forest community. 

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Call us 24/7 for confidential support at  336.758.5285

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What is Interpersonal Violence?

Interpersonal Violence is a broad umbrella term used to characterize acts of abuse or aggression that occurs in a romantic relationship or has aspects of a sexual nature between two individuals who may have previously not been in a romantic relationship.  Acts of interpersonal violence can occur on a broad spectrum of severity and frequency. Terms that may fall under the Interpersonal Violence umbrella are intimate partner violence, dating violence, sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, sexual assault, rape, stalking, catcalling, groping, sodomy, sexual exploitation, nonconsensual recording of sexual activity, and gender-based harassment.

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