• Confidential 24/7 Helpline available to survivors and their allies at 336.758.5285
  • Confidential consultation for students, parents, staff, and faculty regarding concerns related to interpersonal violence of any kind
  • Advocacy and options exploration for anyone wanting to understand their reporting options and rights when it comes to experiencing harm
  • Assistance navigating campus resources to minimize negative impact to your academic experience after an experience of interpersonal violence
  • Accompaniment to appointments such as medical exams, Title IX reporting and investigations, police interviews, court hearings, and more
  • Safety planning to develop an individualized plan aimed at improving a person’s safety while experiencing abuse, preparing to leave an abusive situation, or after they leave
  • Individual and group counseling on understanding trauma responses, decreasing symptoms related to experiencing trauma, developing coping strategies, increasing post-traumatic growth, and more
  • Professional trainings and workshops for WFU students, faculty, and staff on our services

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  • Our waiting room is a warm, welcoming environment designed to welcome you into our space. When you arrive, you will check in using the telephone to contact our administrative staff. They will walk you through the brief check-in process and notify your Counselor/Advocate of your arrival. 
  • Although appointments are encouraged, if you are in crisis and need immediate assistance we always accept walk-ins!
  • New and existing clients will be requested to complete some initial paperwork at the beginning of each session. This information helps us keep your demographic information up to date and assess for current symptoms that may be of note for us in our time together. You have the option of completing the paperwork prior to your appointment via email, or you can complete it at the time of your appointment on an iPad provided by your Counselor/Advocate. 
  • Our Counselors and advocates will provide high-quality, trauma-informed care to help you feel safe and empowered in your next steps. Our job is to help you understand the array of options available to survivors and/or their allies if interpersonal violence has occurred or is occurring. We also provide trauma-informed counseling for ongoing treatment of stress and/or trauma-related concerns.  
  • Although the Safe Office provides a response to interpersonal violence that may take place while a student is enrolled at Wake Forest, our staff are highly trained at treating gender or sexually-based violence that occurs at any point in time of someone’s life. We recognize that untreated trauma can continue to impact a student’s functioning even if the traumatic experience occurred years before, and we want to be part of your healing journey in the here and now.
  • We are a confidential resource, which means that your concern will not be reported unless you elect to do so. We support you, your opinion, your choices, and your decisions about reporting.

*Limitations to confidentiality do exist and are related to concerns around suicidality, homicidal, abuse/neglect of a vulnerable population, and as a result of a court subpoena. Your Counselor/Advocate will help you to understand the limitations to confidentiality during your session and answer any questions you may have.