New Title IX: Survivor Support

The Department of Education recently dropped new Title IX regulations on May 7, 2020. These regulations require schools to make many adjustments to current Title IX reports, investigations, proceedings, and hearings. The new regulations may be extremely triggering for some. Victim-blaming and misogynistic language are used throughout the document, and it is evident that survivors’ rights were not at the forefront of the decision making process. We in the Safe Office are here for you: we see you, we hear you, we believe you.

Committees of staff, faculty, and students are working to implement the new required regulations before the fall. The Safe Office staff, and many other allies in our community, are on these committees advocating for survivors’ rights. Everyone copes in different ways, and we want to support you however we can. Below we have compiled numerous types of resources, depending on what you may need in the aftermath of this announcement.

Over the summer of 2020, our crisis line number (336.758.5285) will direct you to a Safe Office counselor when available. If no Safe Office counselor is available, you will hear two options: leave a non-urgent message for us, or be immediately routed to a University crisis counselor. For information on how to get involved with interpersonal violence prevention and committees on campus, to schedule an appointment with one of our Counselor/Advocates, or for other non-urgent requests, email us at